Magical Encounters

A blog written by Jo Fitzjohn, a foster carer, equine therapist and spiritualist, who came on our pilot Woodland Retreat in August 2018:

“Little did I realise the Magical Encounters that where awaiting me as I left home eager for the much needed break/respite. With only 24 hrs to recharge, I thought it was a bit of a tall order for sure. I reminded myself however, that I would be sleeping under the canopy of the trees and stars. Suspended in a cosy little hammock in the arms of the incredible nurturing Mother Earth. It was something I often had dreamt of as a child, listening to nothing more than the rustle of the leaves and hooting of owls in the distance.

As the dark of night drew in and the camp fire had died down, I could feel myself being revitalised by the beautiful calming natural spiritual energies that were present in the ancient woodland. Entranced by their magic in that very moment, I was experiencing the true gifts of their silent voices. Time slowed, to enable me to access the space of such beautiful beings in such peace and tranquillity. A wonderful moment in time that will stay logged in my heart and memory for me to call on when ever required.

I then felt drawn to the horses in the paddock beyond so I came back to myself and quietly made my way over to them as they rested calm in the moonlight. Standing before me was a beautiful grey gelding, his energetic presence I instantly recognised to be that of the unicorn energies. I was moved to tears whilst looking up into the moon and stars, feeling my trust in the universe expand as the loving reassuring vibes of spirit that had gathered close around me, drew nearer still. Again I stood lost in the silence of the moment, connected by the unconditional love that lay between hearts, opening myself up to any messages of support and guidance that my mind, body and soul had been longing for! Enlightenment and wisdom entered my thoughts instantly. I smiled up at the moon knowing that I was far from alone, my thoughts and fears were always being heard by my soul family on the other side. In that incredible moment, time did indeed stand still and we were there for each other and time didn’t exist, only our love. I felt held and safe, full of loving light and gratitude for everything that had been shared . All was well.

The loving healing I had received in buckets full since my arrival at this incredibly enchanting nurturing loving place would continue to hold all in its light, it was eternal. I was blown away by the true depth of the feelings that the loving energies had bought to the surface for me. Again I had to wipe the tears as they fell,  releasing, cleansing and soothing my soul as they went; lifting my spirit to new heights. The recharge I had prayed for.

Huge Gratitude and love to all at Equine Earth, I will be back again next year for more amazing spiritual encounters.”

Image: George Equine EARTH

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