Equine facilitated therapy

Equine Facilitated Counselling

How does equine therapy work ?

Ponies have evolved as highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent prey animals. They do not analyse the past or worry about the future, but live in the present moment within their herd, aware of any threats and changes in their environment, so that they can react instantly through ” fight” or ” flight” to keep themselves and other herd members safe.

When we step into the ponies environment, they tune into our emotional state and respond through their body language by mirroring how they experience us. Every interaction with the herd and individual ponies holds a message, mirroring who they see or reflecting what we need to change to improve our wellbeing.

Every encounter provides us with clear information about ourselves that is reflected back without judgement.

A qualified, experienced equine therapist works alongside you, enabling you to process and make sense of the unique interactions and also provide further experiences to awaken your intuition, develop your life skills and improve your well being.

Experience and knowledge of ponies is not required to access this wonderful therapy. In fact it can be helpful.

There are a growing number of evidence based scientific studies emerging to indicate the positive effects equines have on humans mental well being.

What we offer?

We use the LEAP method, a structured and creative model, which is facilitated by a small herd of native ponies. Each weekly session lasts 60 minutes over a period of 8 to 10 weeks or long term open ended therapy.

During the initial meeting, if it becomes evident that long-term therapy is required then I can extend the number of sessions to meet individual needs. Clients are given 48 hours after the first meeting to decide if they wish to continue before committing to the remaining sessions. An individual programme is created to meet the needs of an adult client, however for young people, we tend to run a set programme.

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Image by:- Jo Equine Earth