Equine Facilitated Counselling

What is it?

Spending time with the herd at liberty, and exploring other activities with equine involvement help people to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours which subsequently bring about change and therefore promote human emotional health and well being. Knowledge of horsemanship is not a requirement, as the process is more about you, your perception and interpretation of interactions with the ponies.

There are now a growing number of evidence based scientific studies emerging to indicate the positive effects equines have on humans mental well being.

What we offer?

We use the LEAP method, a structured and creative model which is facilitated by a small herd of native ponies. Each weekly session lasts 90 minutes over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. During the initial meeting, if it becomes evident that long-term therapy is required then we can extend the number of sessions to meet individual needs. Clients are given 48 hours after the first session to decide if they wish to continue before committing to the remaining sessions. An individual programme is created to meet the needs of an adult client, however for young people,we tend to run a set programme.

Image by:- Jo Equine Earth