My herd .

My herd are a mixture of barefoot, native bred mares and geldings, young and elderly. They live out all year round with free access to the barn, shelter and woodland. They are fed hay and hard feed depending on their individual needs and some like to be rugged up in winter. They choose to work with you,as a group or individually and each pony has their own special talent.

My herd at rest.

Jo Saunders: Founder and director of equineEARTH.

BACP Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor.

Equine Facilitated Practitioner cert,

B.A Hons Graphic Design.

Drawing and Talking Cert.

PGCE (early years) and SENCO.

Equine Earth, Jo Saunders, Nature, Eco, Rewilding
Jo and Zorro.

Background: I developed anorexia when I was 12 in 1970’s when support for the condition was very limited. I went to art college in Corsham to train as a graphic designer, after which I worked for a year, as a freelance animal portrait artist.I re-discovered the healing power of horses when I bought a coloured cob called Jason from Blackpool’s Golden Mile in 1985. Over the next 16 years he enabled me to manage my eating disorder.

Now : I set up my counselling service in 2018 to provide you with a personal therapy package. Experiencing counselling in the open air in this peaceful setting, while engaged in physical activities accelerates your progress to health and well being.

We start by meeting up for 60-90 minutes, to gather information,meet the ponies ( See Therapies- equine facilitated therapy) and discuss your individual needs. After the meeting I will give you 2 days to process the experience and decide if you wish to continue with your journey to improved health and functioning.

The package usually consists of weekly sessions over a period of 8-10 weeks. If your challenges in life are deep seated, we can extend your therapy sessions. If I do not have the skills to provide support for your needs we will discuss the options and providers who can help you. Sometimes you might need to have therapy with another service provider before you can access equine therapy.

EquineEARTH ‘s model is creative, so we will carry out activities to enhance your understanding of your current life, enabling you to identify what you want to change and enabling you to create healthy strategies to improve your health and well being.

For parents or carers bringing children there is an additional programme (See Art therapy- Drawing and Talking).

Specialisms: I offer long and short term counselling for people with eating disorders,depression, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem,bereavement and relationship issues through Equine Facilitated therapy, Drawing and Talking Therapy and room based counselling. I also offer Supervision, both 1:1 and in a group, with and without the herd.

Featured Image: By Jo EquineEARTH