Art- Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking

What is it?

Drawing and Talking compliments Art and other specialist Therapies and enables children to access the help they need before it becomes entrenched. It is a safe method of working with children to help them with their underlying emotional difficulties.

Working with the child’s inner world is carried out safely,unintrusively and respecting the child’s state of being by staying in their world of drawing.

Children are encouraged to draw at the same time each week and to set their own pace.Over time their imagination unfolds and a symbolic resolution to old trauma and conflicts are found,so children can become more self-confident and able to self-regulate their behaviour.

Please contact Jo to discuss your needs and book an initial session.

What we offer?

A 12 week Jungian based creative programme, designed for young children, but also suited to any age group.We also use this method with adults to enable them to connect with their inner child when talking therapy is difficult. This is a very gentle therapy based on talking through issues via imagery. Each session is 45 minutes.

Image: wild flowers by Rowena Payne