Walking, Talking and Connecting with Nature

What is it?

Similar to traditional talking therapy only clients walk whilst they talk. Psychical activity has been proven to be beneficial for physical and mental well-being. Some people find it easier to talk whilst engaged in another activity rather than face-to-face with a therapist. In addition there is the process of letting things go into the great outdoors and sometimes physical movement itself can help unblock thoughts, feelings and energy suppressed in the body. We may also stand still to ground ourselves and meditate to connect to nature around us.

What we offer?

We offer long or short term walk and talk counselling for adults and young people. We have just over 6 acres of mostly flat paddocks and an acre of ancient woodland near Bourne’s Green in Stroud’s five valleys, lying East of the Toadsmoor valley. We also have a fire pit for the ceremonial burning of metaphorical things that you wish to release and get rid of, and for inviting positive aspects into your life.

Image: By Jo EquineEarth