Welcome to EquineEARTH

“Promoting personal growth and well being, guided by the horses insight.”

EquineEARTH ( Equine, Art and Retreat Therapy) service is located east of Stroud’s Toadsmoor valley in 15 acres of paddocks and ancient woodland, where my barefoot herd roam free.

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“Being afraid of horses I was very reticent to meet the herd…after many hours of talking with Jo I went to the paddocks, hoping the ponies wouldn’t notice me. Being only 5 ft. they all seemed so large, but I found them gentle and encouraging. I have had many stress free hours in their presence and they have cured my fear of horses and made me less anxious in life. ” Patricia. January 2020

Learning to trust -Patricia and Strider

Are you curious and motivated to make positive changes to your life ? Contact Jo to arrange your first meeting with the ponies.

At equineEARTH all counsellors, equine and art therapists are qualified, experienced members or accredited members of BACP. We abide by their code of ethics, attend personal supervision and CPD courses.

Featured Image: Jo, Equine EARTH