Welcome to Equine EARTH

We provide both long and short term COUNSELLING for adults and children. We are also able to facilitate small group work with adults. 

Often we find we have gone some time being in our minds and we forget about our other power centres; our heart and our gut.  At Equine Earth we use body and nature awareness techniques to help connect to both our internal and external worlds.  This connection challenges our incongruence as it simply brings our authentic self to the fore.

Be true to yourself

At this point we can meet the herd, being aware of our boundaries and their boundaries. If you are grounded and authentic in how you are feeling, the herd are often happy to work with you and help you connect to yourself and inner wisdom further.  They may help you release blocks, or release emotions, challenge your boundaries or help you acknowledge what you are stuck on or what you are faking and help you remember what really matters to you in life.

With children we use art as a therapy to help them express thoughts and feelings, as sometimes talking alone is not useful. We may use art work with adults to help them express things from the inner child.

We provide WOODLAND RETREATS and GETTING CREATIVE RETREATS for small groups of friends and like-minded strangers who share a love of nature and ponies. 

We have a retreat programme for a group of 6 people, aimed at improving self awareness and letting go of emotions held in the body. With individual and group exercises from connecting with the woodlands, nature, the herd and each other to getting back to basics with cooking over a fire, alfresco dining and sleeping over in a tree hammock in ancient woodlands.

We provide SUPERVISION for Counsellors and Equine Therapy Practitioners, as individuals or in small groups of 3-4.

Doing any kind of counselling or therapy work, particularly with equines and other animals, it is essential to continue with your own self awareness. As you already know, working with clients can challenge things within you, remind you of your painful times or give you an awareness of a struggle you had not considered. It is important to know where you stop and the client begins. The more self aware you are, the more professional you can be.

Improve your self awareness

Supervision at Equine Earth can be carried out with or without the help of the herd. You may wish to bring case studies to explore any blocks, transference and counter transference, as you tune into your relationship with your client, the herd are able to tune in into the energies and present something you may not have identified or a way forward.

We currently have an opportunity for freelance practitioners to HIRE OUR FACILITIES the facilities and work alongside our herd on a regular basis.  Please contact us if you wish to apply for this opportunity.

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