Welcome to EquineEARTH

Providing long and short term equine, art and alternative COUNSELLING for adults and children, on a 1:1 basis, for couples and small groups.

EquineEARTH ( Equine, Art and Retreat Therapy) service is located in Stroud, east of the Toadsmoor valley in 15 acres of paddocks and ancient woodland. My herd of ponies are a mixture of native breeds, mares and geldings, young and elderly, living at liberty throughout the year. They have free access to the open barn, field shelter and woodland. Through harsh weather conditions (snow and draught!) they are topped up with hay and hard feed.

How does equine therapy work ?

Ponies have evolved as highly sensitive and emotionally intelligent prey animals. They do not analyse the past or worry about the future, but live in the present moment within their herd,aware of any threats or changes in their environment,so that they can react instantly through “fight” or “flight” to keep themselves and other herd members safe.

When we step into the ponies environment they tune into our emotional state and respond through their body language by mirroring how they experience us. Every interaction with the herd or individual ponies holds a message, mirroring who they see or reflecting what we need to change to improve our wellbeing. Every encounter provides us with clear information about ourselves that is reflected back without judgement.

A qualified and experienced equine counsellor works alongside you to enable you to process and make sense of the unique interactions and also provide further experiences to awaken your intuition, develop your life skills and improve your wellbeing.

Experience and knowledge of ponies is not required to access this wonderful therapy. In fact it can be helpful.

Do you feel curious or motivated to make positive changes in your life ? Contact Jo today to arrange your first meeting with the ponies.

Watch our video on Utube:- equine therapy at equineEARTH

At equineEARTH,all counsellors, equine and art therapists are qualified and experienced. We are members or accredited members of BACP, abiding by their code of ethics and attending personal supervision and CPD courses. Please contact BACP for further details.

Featured Image: Jo, Equine EARTH