What is it?

Supervision is a requirement for counsellors and Equine Facilitated or Assisted Practitioners. Jo Saunders uses Equine Supervision to offer a unique way of exploring client work.

What we do?

Doing any kind of counselling or therapy work, particularly with equines and other animals, it is essential to continue with your own self awareness. As you already know, working with clients can challenge things within you, remind you of your painful times or give you an awareness of a struggle you had not considered before. It is important to know where you stop and the client begins. The more self aware you are, the more real and empathic you can be.

Supervision at Equine Earth can be carried out with or without the help of the herd. You may wish to bring case studies to explore any blocks, transference and counter transference.

With Equine Facilitated Supervision, as you tune into your relationship with your client, the herd are able to tune in into the energies present and offer something you may not have identified or a way forward.

Be part of a Group for Equine Facilitated Supervision:

If you would like to join a small Equine Supervision Group for regular monthly or bimonthly supervision please contact us to book a place.  If you have your own counsellors group formed from your diploma course or elsewhere, and would like to try Equine Facilitated Supervision you are welcome to book exclusively for your group. We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have.

  • Our ‘Penn Hill’ Supervision Group has car space available for 1-2 more counsellors. Collections from Weymouth, Dorchester and Yeovil. Please contact Georgie for more details via contact page.

Image: Jo Equine EARTH