Creative Art Caravan

Can you help? We need handy workers, upholsterers, painters for this project…

DORIS: This retro caravan was a labour of love for a chef we know. She spent a good year renovating the caravan,which she affectionately called “Doris”. She had big plans for Doris, who was going to attend festivals with a decent supply of cupcakes. Sadly, a drunk driver smashed into the tow bar on the driveway in the early hours of one morning and Doris remained there.The insurance paid the value of the caravan, but the driver refused to pay the charge to have Doris removed off the driveway to the skip. We thought she may have potential here…

Doris arrives at Equine EARTH in need of repair

Arrival: Ian Walworth of Stroud Transport Services collected Doris from Swindon and transported her here in October. She will need moving to a quieter location during a dry spell of weather.

Goal:  Doris will be used for our Creative Art Retreats, as a counselling space for Drawing & Talking Therapy for children and also a place for guest practitioners to sleep on retreats.

Inside Project: As she has been sitting in the field all winter,Doris needs some TLC in the form of repairing fixtures and fittings, repainting and the seats re-upholstering. We do not have electricity on site so this is also a challenge. We would also like to transfer the hobbit stove from the yurt to Doris ( Its too small for the yurt, but will be ideal for heating up Doris).

Outside Project: Doris needs some repair work on a window which is not the original. New tyres from a scrap yard/ebay. And a paint job.

We have been inspired by this paint job – have we got any budding artists out there?

If you have any skills to offer in this project or perhaps are able to help us fund raise for this project please get in touch.

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