What are they?

A night away from home for a small group of people wishing to connect with others, who have a love of nature, trees, ponies and being creative.

What we offer?

An over night stay in EquineEARTH ‘s ancient woodland situated just above a beautiful Cotswold hamlet in Stroud’s five valleys. Arrive at midday on Saturday, bring a packed lunch and get to know the other members of your group around the fire circle. Each group member is allocated a tree hammock to assemble in Sanctuary Woods, which has recently been awarded ancient woodland status by the Woodland Trust. The retreat involves individual and group exercises designed around increasing self awareness, and releasing emotions held in the body and creative expression using paints,nature and sound. There will be time to connect with nature, the woodland, the herd and to each other. The retreats are led by experienced equine therapists and counsellors/psychotherapists who are there to support and facilitate your own personal journey and creative art experience.

How much will it cost?

The retreat costs £185 per person including your overnight stay,an evening meal, refreshments and breakfast.

If you like the sound of the creative therapy, but would prefer to stay overnight in a B and B, we can offer this as a seperate weekend.

Jo is currently organising food through local suppliers of vegan or authentic Thai food for the evening meal. If you have special dietary requirements please ensure you let me know so that we can talk through some options.

Please contact us to book your place on this retreat.

Did you know? There are other ways to ‘pay’ for a retreat ticket:

  1. Your time and skills on any of our DIY projects to qualify for a discounted ticket.
  2. Your time and skills fundraising for some of our projects in exchange for a discounted ticket.
  3. Organise a group of 5 paying friends to go on a retreat with you and recieve a discount.Check the calendar for availability.

Featured image:- painting of flowers by Rowena Payne