What are they?

A night away from home for a small group of friends, or people with a wish to connect with like-minded people, ponies and this peaceful environment.

What we offer?

An over night stay at EquineEARTH, which is situated just above a beautiful Cotswold hamlet in Gloucestershire, England. Each group member is allocated a tree hammock to assemble in Sanctuary Wood, which has recently been awarded ancient woodland status by the Woodland Trust. The retreat involves individual and group exercises designed to increase self awareness and releasing emotions held in the body. From meditations to connecting with the ponies, the woodland and to each other. The retreats are lead by experienced equine therapists and counsellors/psychotherapists who will support and facilitate your own personal woodland experience.

How much will it cost?

Please contact Jo and contact us to book your place on this retreat.

Did you know? You can be eligible for a discount by :-

  1. Your time and skills fundraising for any of our projects in exchange for a discounted place.
  2. Organise a group of 5 paying friends to go on a retreat with you and receive a discount.Check the  calendar for availability.


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Featured image:- Jo EquineEarth.