Its probably an understatement to say we were moved and saddened watching the latest vlog by Jonna Jinton. An artist who got out of the city seven years ago and moved to her ancestral village of Grundjtarn, north Sweden which is isolated and closer to nature She has inspired so many to go out and connect with nature to feel better in their lives. People with depression have reached out to say that her vlogs and photographs have helped them stay on the planet.

Jonna had a few favourite forests she visited daily  and took her followers all along with her to explore these enchanted places.  Jonna mentions the energy in some forests is so different, in the ancient forests it is very special. The forests that have multi-generations living together with an amazing connection. We are lucky to have a tiny woodland here that is ancient and dates back to the Romans, but our forests in the UK are no where near what they used to be. North Sweden is still one of those places you can visit ancient forests and still supports the Sami people (whom the English historically called the Laplanders) who are actively involved in reindeer herding.

Jonna drove past this winter and was broken-hearted to see that her favourite forest to record her kulning music in, had been cut down. Not a tree left. She sat down by the sawn up trunks and cried. The tree that she once sat with her back resting upon, looking out into the enchanted forest is now cut in two. Jonna climbed the rock to once again sit with the tree, and kissed its stump. Jonna tearfully told her followers that this is the third time she has lost one of her favourite forests to the logging industry. Understanding the need, but not understanding destroying ancient heritage.

At the moment her way of life there is under threat from a huge wind turbine farm which will be used to power Germany, this will destroy the beautiful landscape, habitats, pollute the night sky with light and the Sami with their reindeer forced to move on. A petition was soon set up by one of her followers and already has 10 thousand signatures in support of stopping the turbines. What is happening here is so similar to what is happening all over the world. What is heartening is to watch the passion of people, who see disconnection from our natural world and stand up to its needless destruction. Rain forest destruction, oil pipes forced through indigenous lands, the fracking industry and so on. We all understand the need for electrical energy, however the majority of us understand the need for sustainability. To live alongside our planet, to take only what we need and share resources with those we share the planet with. It is only the few that are driven by financial gains at any cost. The majority of us know that cost is a cost too much. We need trees, they give us the air we breath. We need nature, it gives us the connection we need for our health and well-being.

Jonna Jinton

If you would like to sign the petition click here and if you would like to watch Jonna’s vlog click here.

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