The majesty of trees cannot be denied. Many have stood the test of time for hundreds of years, they have experienced growth and periods of rest during the seasons which have also helped to shape their very being; still they stand tall.

Their roots are deep in the earth a highway under our feet of trees connected with each other, supporting each other, sheltering each other & propping each other up. In a densely populated woodland neighbours will know neighbours sharing the same nourishment from the earths nutrients & the skies rain.

They are strong & mighty in a calming kind of way humbly offering protection to all kinds of insects, mammals & birds. Stormy winds may blow them but they will not break they will bend with the wind until it abates.

Each spring new buds will form blossoms, leaves & fruit & each autumn the tree lets go to the inevitable winter where little or no growth can take place just a deep relaxation & resting period ready to start again next year.

We can learn so much from trees & indeed they are our very lifeline for the air we breath. Tree hugging was always seen as a weird thing to do but actually it makes sense to connect in this way much like you would with a fellow human.

After all, it’s proven that trees have a heartbeat which beats at the same rhythm as our own. Take some time to sit beneath a tree & imagine its roots under the earth reaching out for nourishment. See the branches reaching out to touch another & connect.

Watch how the leaves turn towards the sun for their nourishment & then when autumn demands how they turn to provide fantastic colours before drying up & dropping to form a crunching carpet.

You may catch a beetle or woodlice scurrying home, a butterfly or bee taking nectar from the blossom or birds finding branches to perch or roost. It’s a whole community surviving in tandem with one another”

By Liz Hughes

Liz Hughes is a Dru Yoga Teacher currently travelling around Europe in a motor home after walking from Land’s End to John O’Groats last year. We look forward to having Liz on some of our 2019 retreats, more details to follow. 

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