Winnie was put to sleep by the vet today. He died peacefully with Jo by his side. As many of you know Winnie had been with Jo since he was 5 months old and was the grand age of 29, we were even planning his 30th birthday in the Spring (with banana cake!)




We welcome any of your Winnie stories or messages for Jo.

Banana boy – the first pony to greet any visitors in case they had ripened bananas in the car

4 thoughts on “Farewell to our Winnie

  1. Oh Jo, I’m so sorry, he was such a special, cheeky boy. I love the way he loved bananas!! I know you will miss him so much, but I’m glad you were by his side, he will have known that you were with him. Much love, Jane xx

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  2. Dear Jo. I was sorry to hear about Winnie reaching the end of his life. But I absolutely know that you cared for him wonderfully over nearly 30 years. You were there by his side when the time came, which is the very best that you can do. Sending you love and best wishes, Sarah xx

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  3. Winnie was so cute. Had the pleasure of spending a few days with him and the rest of the gang. He was such a character especially when he was trying to pinch my fish and

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  4. Jo my darling. What a sad sad time. He touched my soul and I will remember him always. Such a special boy and you gave him the best life he could ever have wished for. Love to you and all the heard. Reiki to you all to heal the loss of a faithful and loyal life companion. Love Vikki xxx

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