One day an Equine Photographer called Janos Borbely got in touch about taking some photos of the herd. We explained we were not up and running as a business yet and about to head into winter which is always costly so couldn’t afford a photo shoot right now. Janos wanted to help us out with professional photos for our website and for marketing, and came to capture the herd on a dry October day.

Janos has always had a love of horses, in awe of their beauty and serenity. In recent years he chased his dream in becoming an Equine Photographer and captures what he feels about horses in his photos for others to see. He also captures the relationship between horse and human, in many different styles. As you can image we are more earthy here and this is the style Janos has captured for us.

We gave Janos a challenge, to capture a newly formed relationship between little Bibi and my husband Mark, who is neither horsey or outdoorsy. And was still suffering that day with sciatica. Mark had had a profound experience with Bibi in August, which was private and spontaneous whilst he was busy helping out on our first retreat. He later wrote about his experience for a blog, it was read by Lynda Watson and she wished to publish an expanded piece in January. All we needed was a photograph to go with the story. I sent Janos the article so he understood the energy of the piece of art to capture.

I also spoke to Bibi to let her know that she was having a few extra photographs taken of her for a magazine because of the love she gave out to Mark that day. I recall the first time I met Bibi she was a head shy pony who was slightly wary of people and over the summer months this year I had watched her become a lot braver. The day Janos arrived she was a very curious charismatic equine model, even leaving Mark to have some photos  by herself as she strutted down towards the clicking lens. Even Janos had to stop and have a giggle at her and she felt the camera with her mouth.

Janos captured the relationship between Mark and Bibi and we were actually spoilt for choice. Four photographs are now with Lynda and Mark has a computer print out of his favourite up on his wall at work to remind him of the experience.

We all thoroughly recommend Janos, he has gift with the lens, and capturing the energy of relationships, be it between horses, people or with the land.

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And to Janos, good luck with chasing your next dream of photographing horses in the wild in America.

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